Individuals and organizations

Sainz Abogados is committed to promoting and preserving an inclusive and respectful work environment, and supporting social and environmental causes. To make these commitments effective, the Firm carries out the following actions:

It has internal regulations, policies and programs to prevent harassment, discrimination and workplace violence, promote the efficient and transparent use of resources, protect the health and integrity of employees, as well as the confidentiality and privacy of information.

Within the Firm, a Committee for the Eradication of Workplace Violence, Harassment or Aggression was established. It is integrated in an interdisciplinary manner and its goal is to synchronize efforts to prevent harassment, violence and discrimination in the workplace, as well as to promote and preserve an inclusive organizational culture that fully respects Human Rights.

The Committee is in charge of implementing the administrative procedure to attend victims and eradicate harmful and discriminatory practices. Its responsibilities are: a) to hear complaints and follow up on them; b) to disseminate measures to prevent workplace violence, harassment and bullying; 3) to implement awareness programs to prevent discrimination, violence, increase the likelihood of reporting and mitigate unconscious stereotypes; and 4) to issue resolutions.

In addition, the team of lawyers provides pro-bono legal services on a regular basis to individuals and non-profit organizations in Mexico. From senior partners to law clerks, Sainz Abogados provides legal and economic support to organizations and causes that promote universal access to justice, poverty eradication and environmental care.

Our team has long-standing relationships providing pro-bono legal services to individuals and civil organizations in Mexico, including:

1. Un Techo para Mi País México, A.C. An organization with presence in 19 Latin American countries that seeks to overcome the situation of poverty of millions of people in settlements and communities (

2. Ixim, A.C. An association dedicated to support indigenous communities living in extreme poverty (

3. FM4 Paso Libre, A.C. y Hospitalidad y Solidaridad, A.C. Associations dedicated to the promotion of human rights of migrants in the south of Mexico, especially in relation to detainees without the minimum conditions necessary to survive (strategic allies of Doctors Sin Fronteras) ( (

4. Sanando Heridas, A.C. An association that contributes in improving the health of some indigenous communities in the Zona de los Altos in the State of Chiapas, south of Mexico (

5. Asociación de Emprendedores de México, A.C. An association dedicated to promote entrepreneurship in Mexico (

6. Espacio Tonalá, A.C. An association dedicated to the support and promotion of culture.

7. Villapando Family. SWe successfully participated in the legal defense of the Villalpando family in the expropriation carried out by the Government of the State of Mexico, managing to reverse the expropriation of their land, source of their income, in the Municipality of Valle Bravo.

8. Vinculación Social, A.C. A Civil Association that promotes and strengthens consciousness and the social participation of the community to respond with concrete actions of different poverty and urgency needs, collaborating in the creation of a society that is more supportive and fraternal.